Our Dogs

Our Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs

WE JUST RECEIVED OUR NEW MAREMMA FEMALE PUPPY FROM SANDI YOUNG IN CALIFORNIA. Stay tuned for more information soon! And puppies in a couple of years!!

Coonridge DogsWe live where there are bears, mountain lions, coyote and wolves. We have been using guardian dogs to protect our herd of dairy goats since 1984. We could not have our goats on range without these gentle giants! Although our dogs will and have fought with predators they mostly are a deterrent. They mark their territory and bark to alert predators to stay away.

We have used Australian Shepherd and Australian Shepherd Crosses, Great Pyrenees and Pyrenees Crosses and now Maremmas. We welcomed our first Maremmas in 1998 when wolves were re-introduced near us in Eastern Arizona.

Maremmas are originally from the Italian Alps and are bred for wolf control. They are perhaps the oldest unaltered breed as the Caesars had Maremmas two thousand years ago!! Their genetics have some different components than all other dog breeds. Maremmas are large white dogs, averaging from 80 pounds for the females to 100 plus pounds for the males with many larger. Their coat gives them protection from the elements but is not totally dense, except in winter. In the winter months, these cheerful dogs are just ecstatic in the cold! They greet us in the worst snow and sleet, bounding for joy in weather that keeps their thin-skinned goat companions in the barns! The dogs travel long distances with our free ranging goats, guarding them in the field and the barn area. All our dogs are friendly with humans. Even so, they always sound an alert when anyone drives into the yard and will not stop mistrusting them unless instructed to do so. I ask guests to not approach the dogs until they are recognized and never when the dogs are with their animals.