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Our Internships

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Internships with Coonridge

We have been living here with our goats and using their milk to make cheese since 1982. Spilling the MilkWe live in the high desert surrounded by pion and juniper forests. Our goats are the heart of our operation. They forage for their food most of the year. We provide them with certified organic hay in the winter, but even with a foot of snow on the ground they want to go out to browse on the south facing cliffs behind us. Unlike many commercial dairies we feed no grain and the goats produce milk off what they browse that humans can't eat.

It is not green here (except for the evergreens) most of the year. We are not out in the low desert with sand dunes and big cactus but it is dry here. We work hard at conserving water.

We are very isolated! It takes a hour of hard driving just to get to where our mail is delivered. To get to Albuquerque takes about 4 hours one way. Access is best by 4-wheel drive. 2-wheel drive is possible if you have lots of ground clearance and the roads are dry. Most of our helpers have not had a vehicle.

When you walk away from our houses and barns, all sign of humans disappear and you can walk for hours without seeing any.

Milking the Goats

The most important thing we do is taking care of the goats and making cheese with their milk. Liking the animals can make this job a joy. We can train you to hand milk but mostly we milk on machines, 12 does at a time.

Living Conditions

Taking care of the garden and herbs.We have four small, separate accommodations
( most with a wood stove, and some solar lighting with a solar powered AM/FM radio.) We all share the kitchen/living area. We cook, eat and clean up after our meals there. We eat at least one meal a day together but you also need to be able to feed yourself from the available food.

We have wifi and can play CD's so bring your computer or music!

In the winter, we only have people in the converted school bus we lived in the first 7 years here, a converted step van or travel trailer. These all have wood burning stoves in them. In the summer we also have other small places to live with out heating.

Cleaning up in the kitchen is part of work here. In fact, WASHING up in the cheese room, WASHING dishes and pans in the kitchen and WASHING milking equipment in the milk parlor are a big part of our ongoing operation.

We try to live off what the land provides us. For example, if we have a lot of zucchini in the garden, we eat lots of zucchini. We eat a lot of brown rice, Mexican style food, garden vegetables, plus our own goat milk cheese and meat plus chicken eggs in season. Although we eat meat here, vegetarians have worked with us. We enjoy a natural food diet- buying food from our food co-op for anything we can not produce here-organic and local when ever possible.

We try not to go to town more than twice a month. This means we have to keep track of what we need and sometimes do without if we run out before a scheduled trip.

We allow no pet dogs, no drugs and no alcohol. Since we are certified organic, even if you have personal uses for pesticides don't bring any here. If you smoke, plan to keep a month's supply on hand while here. This is NOT a good place to try and quit smoking. There is no smoking in the main house, hay storage areas, or cheese rooms. Smokers must dispose of their cigarette butts appropriately. DON'T throw them around. An inquisitive goat could eat it, a fire could be started or Nancy could see it!!

Everything we bring into Coonridge is consumed, recycled, put back into the soil or hauled out. We heat with wood and use outhouses or composting toilets.

We like to recycle as much as possible. Aluminum cans should be smashed as small as possible and placed in the 55-gallon drum on the porch of the main house. All burnable paper is put in or by one of our wood stoves. All food scraps are fed to our chickens. Meat scraps and bones are set aside to be rationed out to the dogs equally. All non-aluminum, non-paper, non-edible trash is placed separately to eventually go to the dump.


Our electricity is from generators or solar panels.Cleaning up on the Farm. The generator is used to run power tools and not for everyday needs. Our solar panels make small amounts of electricity on sunny days. This electricity is stored in batteries and must be used wisely.


We catch all our water off our roofs and store it for use through out the year. This means we have to be especially frugal with our water. We use it twice whenever possible. We use our wash water to water plants. We reuse our rinse water into our next wash water.


There are Fire Extinguishers located around all wooden structures. Make sure you know where they are located and how to use them. They would be the first line of defense in the event of a fire. After that, water would be pumped from the tanks. Be sure you are trained to do so. No fire truck would ever come to Coonridge!

Your Skills and Interests

Besides our ongoing work we are building stone and bottle buildings, have run off gardens and other projects. The skills and interests you have will determine which other jobs you do. You will need to be able to work without supervision as well as get along with other people in group projects.

We are trying to find ways to live harmoniously within our environment with our animals. This takes hard work from everyone who lives here.


Apprentices receive a place to stay and all their food in exchange for 6 to 8 hours of work per day.

Our Dogs

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Our Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs

WE JUST RECEIVED OUR NEW MAREMMA FEMALE PUPPY FROM SANDI YOUNG IN CALIFORNIA. Stay tuned for more information soon! And puppies in a couple of years!!

Coonridge DogsWe live where there are bears, mountain lions, coyote and wolves. We have been using guardian dogs to protect our herd of dairy goats since 1984. We could not have our goats on range without these gentle giants! Although our dogs will and have fought with predators they mostly are a deterrent. They mark their territory and bark to alert predators to stay away.

We have used Australian Shepherd and Australian Shepherd Crosses, Great Pyrenees and Pyrenees Crosses and now Maremmas. We welcomed our first Maremmas in 1998 when wolves were re-introduced near us in Eastern Arizona.

Maremmas are originally from the Italian Alps and are bred for wolf control. They are perhaps the oldest unaltered breed as the Caesars had Maremmas two thousand years ago!! Their genetics have some different components than all other dog breeds. Maremmas are large white dogs, averaging from 80 pounds for the females to 100 plus pounds for the males with many larger. Their coat gives them protection from the elements but is not totally dense, except in winter. In the winter months, these cheerful dogs are just ecstatic in the cold! They greet us in the worst snow and sleet, bounding for joy in weather that keeps their thin-skinned goat companions in the barns! The dogs travel long distances with our free ranging goats, guarding them in the field and the barn area. All our dogs are friendly with humans. Even so, they always sound an alert when anyone drives into the yard and will not stop mistrusting them unless instructed to do so. I ask guests to not approach the dogs until they are recognized and never when the dogs are with their animals.

Our Cheeses

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Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese is made using the milk from our own free-ranging goats. This unique gourmet cheese was first made at our dairy in 1981 and has been certified organic since 1998. We make our cheese using traditional long set methods. Our soft spreading cheese comes in a glass jar and is covered with certified organic sunflower seed oil, and certified organic herbs. Covering our cheese with oil and herbs seals it from the air and allows the flavors to mingle. This is a traditional Mediterranean way of preserving cheese, which also permits us to ship it without refrigeration. Once you receive our cheese, you can store it in the refrigerator for months and months, even up to a year! Just make sure a small coating of oil covers the cheese in the jar. You can also freeze our cheese and thaw and freeze again, without breaking the jar or changing the texture. The taste will stay the same as what you enjoyed on arrival. Serve at room temperature for full flavor!

Being Certified Organic

Everything used at Coonridge is Certified Organic (Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Additive Free, Pesticide Free and GMO Free). Our land has never been commercially farmed. Our goats eat only organic and wild food. The herb (and garlic) blends for our cheeses are certified organic creations developed and perfected right here at Coonridge. We use certified organic high oleic sunflower seed oil (which is a mono saturated oil) which we source in the USA. Most cheeses made in the USA are produced using a genetically engineered cheese enzyme which replaces rennet. Our cheeses are also made with non-rennet enzymes but these enzymes are not GMO.

We meet or exceed the requirements of the Federal USDA rules and are certified organic by the New Mexico Dept of Agriculture #113, where we are double certified as an organic goat producer and organic cheese processor. By using all organic ingredients we feel we have the most beneficial and delicious product possible while also protecting the environment. We use no GMO alfalfa or GMO grain, in fact no grain at all! (Sadly, 90% of corn and 80% of soy in the USA is GMO). We never use antibiotics or chemical wormers.

Check out what's happening in organics and what you can do to help protect organic farmers, including choosing the best and most authentic organic dairy brands at

Our Goats

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Goats in the Winter

We live with our Alpine, Nubian, La Mancha and Oberhasli dairy goats in the wilderness at 8,000 feet not far from the Continental Divide. The goats have a barn and barnyard to sleep in at night. Each morning after milking, the goats and their Maremma guardian dogs go off to enjoy their day free ranging in the rim rock country of western New Mexico. We are glad to provide our animals as natural a life as possible. When we say our goats "free range" we do not mean they have a pasture, however large. We mean there are no fences and no human neighbors for miles and miles. Our goats go where they please with their Maremma guardian dogs as escorts. They protect our goats from many predators including mountain lion, bear, coyote and reintroduced wolves. Maremma's were bred in the Italian Alps for wolf control. We do not give our animals hormones, antibiotics or chemical wormers. We are GMO free. Our animals are wild fed on unpolluted rangeland. If there is too much rain or snow for them to go out we give them certified organic hay in their barn. We feed no grain and the goats produce milk off what they browse that humans can't eat. Our animals are a step beyond "grass raised"! Check out what's happening in organics and what you can do to help protect organic farmers, including choosing the best and most authentic organic brands:

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