Our Cheeses

Coonridge Organic Goat Cheese is made using the milk from our own free-ranging goats. This unique gourmet cheese was first made at our dairy in 1981 and has been certified organic since 1998. We make our cheese using traditional long set methods. Our soft spreading cheese comes in a glass jar and is covered with certified organic sunflower seed oil, and certified organic herbs. Covering our cheese with oil and herbs seals it from the air and allows the flavors to mingle. This is a traditional Mediterranean way of preserving cheese, which also permits us to ship it without refrigeration. Once you receive our cheese, you can store it in the refrigerator for months and months, even up to a year! Just make sure a small coating of oil covers the cheese in the jar. You can also freeze our cheese and thaw and freeze again, without breaking the jar or changing the texture. The taste will stay the same as what you enjoyed on arrival. Serve at room temperature for full flavor!

Being Certified Organic

Everything used at Coonridge is Certified Organic (Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Additive Free, Pesticide Free and GMO Free). Our land has never been commercially farmed. Our goats eat only organic and wild food. The herb (and garlic) blends for our cheeses are certified organic creations developed and perfected right here at Coonridge. We use certified organic high oleic sunflower seed oil (which is a mono saturated oil) which we source in the USA. Most cheeses made in the USA are produced using a genetically engineered cheese enzyme which replaces rennet. Our cheeses are also made with non-rennet enzymes but these enzymes are not GMO.

We meet or exceed the requirements of the Federal USDA rules and are certified organic by the New Mexico Dept of Agriculture #113, where we are double certified as an organic goat producer and organic cheese processor. By using all organic ingredients we feel we have the most beneficial and delicious product possible while also protecting the environment. We use no GMO alfalfa or GMO grain, in fact no grain at all! (Sadly, 90% of corn and 80% of soy in the USA is GMO). We never use antibiotics or chemical wormers.

Check out what's happening in organics and what you can do to help protect organic farmers, including choosing the best and most authentic organic dairy brands at http://www.cornucopia.org