A day in the life...

Written by Nancy Nathanya Coonridge on .

I came home two days ago from displaying some goats and giving a cheese class at the 4TH ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM FOR SUSTAINABLE FOOD & SEED SOVEREIGNTY at the Institute of American Indian Arts. We had gotten a big female rain while I was gone and I knew the roads would be bad so I decided I didn't want to come home in the dark up the arroyo (head water's of the Rio Salado). I spent the night with friends in Albuquerque with the goats bedded down with water and hay in the back of my covered truck. The next morning I had a ticket from animal control saying, "Goats can not live in truck, where is water food and shelter?" I tried calling to resolve the problem but finally had to leave to get the goats home.

By the time, I left it was again dark and I found the roads in the worst shape ever! I had Andy Soto, an intern with me and we had to move rocks to make enough space to even be able to fit through in a couple of places! I could see the tracks of the Aussie Wwoofer Couple where they had driven out and I was amazed they made it!!! Some else's tracks were covering the Aussie's tracks and when I got home I found I had missed a visit from J.L. who has land in the area. He bought land here when he was 15! And now years later he has built a cabin. He rarely spend time at his cabin so it was disappointing to have missed him.

I was tired and feeling a little down when I got the following e-mail from my friend Chef Cheryl:

"I went to the historical society which had a educational talk on 'maple sugaring' in the state of VT and I enjoyed it as this state is so 'pro' Vermont it's so sweet (ha ha you know maple syrup!!) nonetheless it made me think of you and wishing you would write some memoirs down of all your fascinating stories that you have of your daily life truly something that is amazing. I went to Taylor cow dairy and asked if they needed any help and I told them I knew you and John said you are a legend, he had heard about you and your place, I loved that... wow"

It gave me a boost and reminded me that the hard parts of living so isolated are not the reason I am here. I just want to live close to the land and with my goats! Hey, and making cheese is endlessly interesting!

Nancy Nathanya Coonridge